A new kind of visit

The usual school visit to our Museum involves a guided look around the collection, sometimes with a theme in mind, and a chance to do the ever-popular Cuckoo Hunt. But on Thursday 16th May St Agnes Year 2 came with a different purpose in mind.

This term’s project is to set up their own class museum and they were anxious to get some tips from the experts! They came armed with some searching questions which Liz and Carol did their best to answer, trying to avoid the subject of dinosaurs, although the grand old Leatherback Turtle made a good stand-in!

They were even invited into the inner-sanctum of “Peter’s Room”, the Curator’s office and artefact store, to see how precious and fragile pieces are stored in acid-free conditions, and were impressed to hear of the thousands of objects carefully catalogued of which only a small number can be displayed at any one time.

Both children and staff went away bursting with ideas for their own museum and have promised to invite our education officers to their grand opening! It was a very good example of St Agnes Museum’s valuable role in the local community.