Voyage of the Mystery

In February St Agnes Museum’s Education team was invited to form a partnership with the National Maritime Museum Cornwall who had obtained funding to run their “Cornish Voices” living history programme alongside smaller (and in our case, small!) museums in Cornwall.

After much planning, Year 1 of St Agnes Primary School visited the Museum on the morning of 30 April to study our maritime collection, including the voyages of the Lady Agnes, the much shorter voyages of our Pond Yacht, our harbour model and our Coastguard display, where the rocket used to fire the Breeches Buoy was especially popular!

In the afternoon, Y1 saw the performance of the “Voyage of the Mystery” (a voyage re-enacted by Pete Goss in 2008/9) in the School Hall.  It was particularly appropriate for them as the “Voyage of the Mystery” is part of their History curriculum.

In the morning the same performance had been given to Reception and Year 2.

The whole day, subsidised by the Arts Council, was free for St Agnes School pupils and we are very grateful to Debbie Rogers, Education Officer at the NMMC, for organising such a fantastic opportunity.