Donation of farm memorabilia

The Museum is very pleased to have been given a collection of farm implements and three farm Cost Books, especially as it did not have a large farming collection.

Tresco farm implements
Tresco farm implements

This collection of farm implements, which includes two funnels for filling milk churns, a very small churn, a pitchfork and a selection of sickles and billhooks, came from Tresco Farm at Mingoose. Also from Tresco Farm came plans for a piggery, drawn up by the then owner, Mr R C A Hooper, and two Cost Books. The third Cost Book, spanning part of the period of the Great War, came from
Presingoll Farm.

With this gift also came underground mine plans for Polbreen, West Kitty and Wheal Kitty mines.

The Museum is very grateful for this fascinating donation.