Glowing tributes at the end of a busy season

St Agnes Museum

The Museum closed on 31 October after a short but busy season when we welcomed 2,935 visitors between 19 July and 31 October, 6% up on our numbers for the same period in 2019. With a very few exceptions – a single visitor from Belarus, five from the USA, three from Germany, two from Australia – all our visitors were from the UK, almost all from England, very many from Cornwall and a pleasing number from St Agnes.

So many visitors praised our Stewards for their warm welcome, friendliness and local knowledge. Others praised the shop and a wide variety of exhibits were singled out for praise, including of course, our VR experience. Several young visitors looked forward to the Turtle speaking.

Here is a small sample of the glowing tributes to the Museum and its Stewards:

Welcoming and helpful. Tried on the VR headset. It’s fantastic. Thank you.

Fantastic help with Family Tree. Delightful Museum. Lovely activity for children.

I’m a Museum Educator and loved the “find the object bit” at the beginning of the visit.
A triumph. Puts a lot of bigger museums to shame.

One comment was definitely a first for us – it was in Cornish! With the help of our Cornish speaking Journal Editor, here is the original followed by the translation.

“Tarosvanos o oll mes an den ef o densa! Merase.” “Everything was fantastic, but the man [i.e. the Steward] was really good. Thank you.”

The Museum will reopen on 1 April 2022.