Innovative Museum training session is huge success

Can you guess what this mystery object is? Answer below!

The Museum held a hugely successful and innovative training session, with a plentiful supply of tea and cakes, at the Miners’ & Mechanics’ Institute on Tuesday 21 March. 

Arranged by Jackie Cotton, Jain Hodson and Caroline Clifton, there were more than 30 attendees, including Committee Members as well as Stewards.  Journal Editor, Peter Thomas, was the Quiz Master, while Vice Chairman, Clive Benney, challenged everyone’s power of observation with ten photos of shops of yesteryear. Thanks to Curator, Clare Murton, there was an identification round based on eight mystery objects brought from the Museum. The one shown here is a Patten which fitted over one’s shoes to keep them above the muddy roads of the time.

To bring things to a close Chairman, Roger Radcliffe, drew everyone’s attention to the “Spirit of the Awards” trophy which the Museum recently received at the Cornwall Heritage Awards, and pointed out that it was thanks to the collective effort of all our volunteers that we had been judged worthy of such an award.

The Museum always welcomes new Stewards. If you would be interested, please visit the Home Page.