Lincolnshire Lady Agnes descendants visit Museum

Although the Museum wasn’t due to reopen until 19 July – a date everyone was really looking forward to – it was delighted to welcome, for a private visit, descendants of Captain John Williams, Captain of the Lady Agnes between 1907 and 1918. 

The Lady Agnes
The Lady Agnes

The descendant was his grandson, John Davies of Lincolnshire, who came with his wife Elizabeth and twin grandsons, Archie and Joe (16), from Aberdeen, Scotland.  The family was holidaying in north Devon so this was a rare chance for them to see the figurehead from their grandfather and great-great-grandfather’s ship.

Welcomed by Museum Chairman, Roger Radcliffe, the family was able to view the model of St Agnes harbour, and experience our new Virtual Reality display of the Lady Agnes leaving the harbour in 1904

Descendants of Captain John Williams, Captain of the Lady Agnes

After purchasing copies of Roger’s book, The Search for the Lady Agnes, the family left to view the remains of the harbour at Trevaunance Cove.