Our busy 2023 season saw visitors from 25 countries

St Agnes Museum welcomed 4,954 visitors in 2023, a 7.5% increase on last 
year’s total of 4,610. This was very pleasing, especially since there 
were fewer visitors to Cornwall this year. Perhaps we were helped by 
the poor weather and the fact that admission is free. One of the 
abiding memories of visitors’ comments was their universal praise for 
our Stewards.

Visitors came from all over the United Kingdom, with many local 
visitors, some saying that they had lived in St Agnes for many years but 
had not visited before. A good number were repeat visitors. They had 
learned of the Museum in many different ways, but a common theme was the 
signs at the gate.

The Museum was like a mini United Nations with visitors from 25 
different countries signing the Visitors’ Book. Sometimes there was 
only one visitor, as in the case of Chile (someone searching for his 
Gripe ancestor) and Hungary, but there were many more in the most 
represented countries; Australia (37 signatures), the USA (43) and most 
of all, Germany (52). Seventeen States were represented in the USA with 
California having the most visitors (12), while most Australians came 
from Melbourne, one tracing his Tonkin family ancestor.

The comments in the Visitors’ Book were so appreciative of so many 
aspects of the Museum. Here is just a small sample:-

  • St Agnes Museum is an absolute gem.
  • A wonderful and informative visit, researching Family Tree.
  • Loved the surfboards and cuckoo hunt.
  • Love the turtle and the olden days body boards (a young visitor).
  • Fantastic volunteers.
  • Wanted to find out more about Rosemundy House where I was born in 
  • the 1950s.
  • Full of fascinating exhibits displayed with skill, enthusiasm and 
  • creativity. An example to other museums.
  • Great for the kids. They loved the cuckoo trail.
  • We loved the VR. Going to look back in time was amazing.
  • Fantastic records.
  • Interesting to see the Opie paintings.
  • Always a pleasure. A real asset to Cornwall and the World Heritage 
  • Site.
  • Good to see the local GPs contribution acknowledged.
  • Stellar exhibits, wonderful conversation.

Not only did we benefit from visitors in person, we had an outstanding 
response to a submission to the World Heritage Site Facebook page. When 
it was posted on the site on 19 July there were 3,450 viewings. Our 
submission had highlighted the Cuckoo Hunt and the surfboard display in