Recent donations include Jean Blunsdon oil painting

We are delighted to have been given this large oil painting by Jean Blunsdon of the upper buildings of Wheal Coates. It was found in a Truro charity shop and donated to the Museum.

Wheal Coates by Jean Blunsdon

Jean, a very well known figure in St Agnes is a long-term member of St Agnes Art Group and regularly exhibited at its Summer Art Exhibitions. The Museum currently has on display upstairs Jean’s early wooden surfboard made for her by her father, Mr Mitchell. 

We have also been given this mustard coloured small bowl by Nancy Homer, the second potter who, with her family, occupied Wayside Pottery.  It carries her impressed mark. We are glad to add to our small collection on Nancy Homer pottery. 

Bowl by Nancy Homer

A third recent donation – some things come in threes – is this rare blue tobacco spit jug by John and Sue Sneddon, the third tenants of Wayside Pottery. It was their son, also John, in a chance encounter at the Museum with our Curator, Clare Murton, who kindly donated the jug.

Tobacco spit jug by John and Sue Sneddon
Tobacco spit jug by John and Sue Sneddon