St Agnes Turtle’s #MuseumWeek 2016 highlights

We’re very proud of our turtle here at St Agnes Museum, and none more so than during #MuseumWeek when he joins museums big and small for Twitter’s worldwide cultural event.

And with a different theme every day for a week, the Turtle certainly had his work cut out!

Monday’s theme was #secretsMW

What’s behind this beautiful door? A very apt way to start #MuseumWeek!

Tuesday’s theme was #peopleMW

Just one of our many hardworking volunteers – we couldn’t do it without you…

Wednesday’s theme was #architectureMW

Our beautiful building is very distinctive

Thursday’s theme was #heritageMW

Look what happens when you press the button!

Friday’s theme was #futureMW

St Agnes Museum want contributions from local community for 2017 surfing display – anecdotes, photos, memories

Saturday’s theme was #zoomMW

You might recognise this extreme close-up!

Sunday’s theme was #LoveMW

Our turtle didn’t disappoint, with an overgrown toenail. You heard right – that’s a toenail, sorry!

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