Stewards and Committee Members celebrate a successful season

Stewards and Committee Members celebrate the end of the 2021 season

Stewards and Committee Members met at the Museum on Tuesday 16 November to celebrate the end of a brief but very successful season. Stewards were thanked by Chairman, Roger Radcliffe, for their hard work, enthusiasm and good humour and he especially thanked those who were able to step in at short notice to fill gaps in the rota. John Oaksford, Rota Organiser, added his thanks and was thanked by Roger for all his hard work. 

Curator, Clare Murton, urged the Stewards not to feel discouraged if there were problems with the IT, particularly the VR experience. It was the fault of the IT and not the Stewards! She lived nearby and would be happy to come and help sort out problems.

Shop Manager, Mike Furness, reported excellent sales with an outstanding total of £7,786.95 raised through the till and online. In a light-hearted competition the Friday Fireballs welcomed 481 visitors, the Wednesday Wonders 490 and the Thursday Titans 523. However, the Saturday Superheroes sold £1,086 worth of goods, the Wednesday Wonders £1,144 and coming out on top were the Thursday Titans with £1,169.

Mary Wilson organised refreshments and an enjoyable morning was had by all.