Stewards’ get-together as storm rages!

On the stormiest morning of the year, and despite the blandishments of the Rugby World Cup, a goodly number of Stewards gathered at the Museum for their annual End of Season Get-together on Saturday 2 November. Fortunately everyone had a warming cup of coffee before there was a power cut and the Museum was reduced to its emergency lighting.

Stewards' get together

Chairman, Roger Radcliffe, praised the Stewards’ dedication for coming in such weather which gave proceedings a Hallowe’en-like quality. He thanked them for their hard work and dedication and quoted from the Visitors’ Book to show how much their welcome and support for visitors were appreciated. It was good, he said, to again break the 5000 barrier for visitors with a total of 5318 against 5183 last year. One visitor noted that he had lived in St Agnes for 65 years and had visited for the first time. The peak day was 28 August with 77 visitors.

Rota Organiser, John Oaksford, said that everyone had done fabulously to keep the Museum open daily, but made a plea for everyone to try to recruit more Stewards.

The Shop Manager, Mike Furness, said that 3103 individual items had been sold. The card reader had dramatically helped increase sales. The total raised so far this season was £9062 (up £1511 on last year) with the Winter Coffee Morning still to add in.

In the light-hearted League Tables, the best sales day of the year was by the Thursday Titans on 15 August with sales of £125.45. Seasonal Champions were, in reverse order, 3rd place with £1169, the Thursday Titans, 2nd place with £1486, the Wednesday Wonders, and 1st place by a margin of £6 with £1492, the Saturday Supershots. The Saturday Supershots were Joan Bunt, Audrey Miller, Margaret Kimmins and Diana Good-Dixon.